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A MUM who gave birth in a Burger King car park has said that she still preferred it to a hospital.

Tiana Keane, 24, and her partner Josh Armstrong, 28, welcomed their baby boy Reid in the parking lot of the fast food burger chain which is known as "Hungry Jacks" in Australia.

2Tiana Keane welcomed her baby boy in a Hungry Jacks parking lotCredit: Caters 2The Aussie Mum gave birth to baby Reid successfully and said she preferred it to her first time going through labourCredit: Caters

The administrator had planned to welcome her second child in a water birth at her local family birth centre but was in for a shock.

On the way to the hospital, Tiana said she could feel her baby's head starting to emerge and her body began to push - so they made a detour to their local Hungry Jacks car park.

Tiana said: “At 6:50pm my water broke and it was absolute chaos from there. I jumped in the shower, but contractions were coming on really strong, so I said to josh ‘We have to go, my body feels like it needs to push.'

“When we were driving, I was questioning myself because I felt like his head was on its way out, I had this really strong urge.

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“I sort of felt like my body was starting to push and I was terrified. I thought I was going to have to birth this baby on the side of the road.

“I was freaking out but then I thought I was just being dramatic. Then all of my thoughts and feelings went out the window and I was just focused on getting him out, I just had to push him out.

“It’s just like my body went into shock and there was adrenaline running through me and I just had to get him out.

“We only live two minutes away from Hungry Jacks and we were only a minute up the road when I told Josh to pull over.

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“He pulled up to Hungry Jacks, I threw myself into the backseat and my legs were up on the dash, I started to push, and he came out in two pushes.”

Tiana has said that she would prefer a Hungry Jack's birth any day after experiencing a difficult birth with her first-born Ace who is now two.

She said: “I would take this birth over my first birth every day. I would do it again.

“This birth was more painful than my previous experience with Ace. But I much preferred it. It was quick and straightforward compared to the birth with Ace as I had a lot of complications.

“They were two opposite births, and i'd prefer to give birth at a fast food chain any day.

“If I were to have another baby I would do it this way again because it was quick and it was straightforward."

Little Reid was born weighing 7lb 3oz and now joins mum, dad, and brother Ace at home.

She said: “Reid is perfect, he’s gaining weight, eating like a champ and sleeping really well.

“Once we got to the birth centre, we were there for only three hours and home by 1:00am. I delivered the placenta, they weighed him and did all our checks, and we were off.

“I’m going to be telling this story for a very long time, for the rest of his life and will not let him forget it.

“I did say we would throw his first birthday party at Hungry Jacks. The workers came out and asked if they could assist us at all.

“They reached out afterwards and sent us a hamper for the baby with a teddy, chocolate and bath bits.

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“Me and my partner actually met working at KFC, and now we’ve got a baby that was born at Hungry Jacks, so we need a big event to happen at McDonald's.

“Our life is just based around fast food at this point.”

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My co-worker gave her baby the worst name I’ve ever heard – it would be a great choice for a shampoo bottle

A REDDIT user took to the internet to reveal the worst baby name they've ever heard.

Redditor captainmagictrousers revealed the uncommon name was given to a co-worker's child.

2Many people have taken to social media to reveal unusual baby namesCredit: Getty 2A discussion board was created on Reddit about the 'worst' baby namesCredit: Getty

The discussion board user was responding to the question, "What is the worst name you could give a child?" - which was posted on Reddit last year and received nearly five thousand comments.

Captainmagictrousers commented: "My coworker named her baby 'Strawberry Rain'

"Which would be a great name if she had given birth to a bottle of shampoo."

Other Reddit users were quick to respond and share their disbelief in the name choice, with one writing: "Surely you can't be serious."

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Another replied: "God, I really hope, that one day, the kid googles her name and somehow stumbles upon this.

"You know, once she goes through all the candles, lotions, soaps, etc."

"Should’ve went with chocolate rain instead," another Reddit user suggested.

A fourth Redditor didn't seem too concerned with "Strawberry Rain," and instead shared another odd name.

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The comment read: "How about not giving your child a name?

"There was a kid I went to high school with whose legal first name was 'Unnamed Baby Boy'.

"I don't know the story behind that though."

Another Reddit user noted that a British chef, Jamie Oliver, gave his children some unique names.

The names were listed as "poppy honey rosie, petal blossom rainbow, buddy bear maurice, daisy boo pamela, and river rocket blue dallas someone call childline."

"Those sound like carebears," someone replied in the thread.

Meanwhile, famous TikTok user Doctor Carlton recently asked for 'unfortunate names' and while doing so explained how he knew a Richard Head.

"I went to school with him," he said. "What were his parents thinking?"

And hundreds of people responded to his request.

I know a girl who was called Coe Blair before she decided to marry Sam Cain and take his last name," revealed one woman.

Another person revealed they knew an Anita Beer (I need a beer).

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Additionally, Abbie Herbert and her husband Josh have received criticism in the past for naming their daughter after a "fart."

And here are the top nine most-hated baby names chosen by grandparents, including Aurora & Charlotte.

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