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STOP leaving food to rot in your fridge.

One kitchen organization expert has shared a video revealing three low-cost tricks that will keep your food fresh for longer.

4One kitchen organization expert shared how to keep food fresh longerCredit: Getty 4She split a sheet of paper towel to form a packetCredit: TikTok PAPER TOWEL PACKETS

First, the expert said you will need two-ply paper towels.

She separated a sheet of paper towel so it formed a packet.

By separating the sheet into a pocket, you're able to use less at a time saving you both product and money.

The expert then used the pocket to store fresh herbs.

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She simply wrapped them in the paper towel packet and then placed the packet in an airtight container.


To make your tomato paste last longer, the kitchen organizer said to put the paste in little plastic Ziplock bags.

After filling the bag up with the paste, they used their hands to flatten it out.

She made cube shapes within the bag, without actually cutting through it, and then threw it in the freezer.

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She said that when you're ready to cook with the tomato paste, you can easily pull the convenient frozen cubes out of the bag.


Prepping ingredients can be difficult when your cutting board is sliding all over your countertop.

Instead of dealing with the annoyance, the kitchen expert found a cheap and easy solution.

"Always use a damp paper towel underneath your cutting board," the expert said.

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Placing the damp paper towel there will help create traction between the counter surface and the board as you cut.

Many viewers loved her tricks, saying: "Thank you!" and "Great ideas."

4Wrap fresh herbs in the paper towel packet and store in an airtight containerCredit: TikTok 4Freeze tomato paste in a Ziploc bag and cut it into cubes to make it last longerCredit: TikTok We pay for your stories!

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I’m a home expert – my Target decor trick will elevate your space for just $1

UPGRADE your kitchen for cheap with two simple kitchen products.

Home expert Sara posted a video revealing how to level up your kitchen space using two Target items that will cost you just $1 total.

4Plastic bowls and plates can be purchased at Target for just 50 cents eachCredit: TikTok 4She put E6000 glue on the bottom of the bowlCredit: TikTok

First, the expert grabbed a plastic bowl and a plastic plate from Target.

Making sure they match, she grabbed a black plate and a black bowl, each of which only cost 50 cents.

“This project is only costing me $1,” she said.

She started off the DIY project by turning over the plastic bowl and squeezing glue around it.

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“You’re going to use E6000 glue,” she said.

“Just throw it down on the bottom of the bowl.” 

Next, she turned the plate upside down so the side you eat off of was laying on the table.

She then flipped the bowl over so it was right-side-up and stuck it in the center of the upside-down plate.

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“I eyeballed this, I didn’t do any measuring,” she said.

“It’s not exact, but it looks pretty good.”

She then flipped the project over so that the bowl was used as a stand and the plate as a platter.

For just $1, she quickly created a small pillar stand that she could use near her kitchen sink to hold her soaps and scrubbers.

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“It withstands soap and water,” she said.

Many viewers loved her cheap trick, saying: “Very cool!!!!!” And “Excellent idea thanks.”

4She glued the bowl to the center of an upside down plateCredit: TikTok 4She keeps her DIY project next to the sink to hold soaps and scrubbersCredit: TikTok We pay for your stories!

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