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A TATTOO obsessed mum has been slammed for putting fake ink on her one year old baby. 

Shamekia Morris, a fashion designer, first started putting temporary tattoos on her son Treylin when he was just six months old.

4Tattoo-obsessed mother is SLAMMED for covering her one-year-old BABY in fake body artCredit: Instagram/nuggetworld561/ 4Shamekia Morris, a fashion designer from West Palm Beach, Florida, first started putting temporary tattoos on her son Treylin when he was six months oldCredit: Instagram/nuggetworld561/

But critics are accusing her of raising him to be a 'gangster' and a 'thug.


She often shares pictures of her baby on social media, under the name NuggetWorld561, in which he is covered in tattoos across his entire body. 

She told Truly: “I get a lot of backlash, people say I'm raising my son as a ‘gangster’ or ‘thug’ ; they're not used to seeing a baby with tattoos.
“When I was eight months [pregnant] I did a maternity shoot with my brothers at a tattoo shop.

“I got bullied on social media. All the comments were negative, people were saying my baby was going to be born with a whole bunch of tattoos. He's going to have skin poison. It was crazy.”

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And now her son Trey is born, she often gets targeted by trolls writing comments including that he “is going to get shot down in the streets” or that she is “raising him for prison.” 

Shamekia, from West Palm Beach, Florida, added: “The backlash has been horrible.

"It hurts my feelings because I know I'm not a bad mum and I get called all types of names. It's crazy.”

However, she says she “doesn’t care” because this is the “lifestyle” that she enjoys. 

4Critics accuse her of being a ‘bad mom’ who is raising her son to be a ‘gangster’ and a ‘thug’Credit: Instagram/nuggetworld561/ 4She claims her baby loves the inkCredit: Instagram/nuggetworld561/

She adds: “If you're judging someone off of a 30-second video on social media that's your business, but what you say or think about someone isn't going to determine what they're going to be in the future.”

Shamekia, who has racked up more than 319,000 followers on TikTok, insists that Treylin ‘loves’ the temporary ink. 

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He also has his own walk-in wardrobe, which is filled to the top with outfits for the toddler, as well as over 150 pairs of sneakers. 

She concluded: “My opinion of being a great mum is being their cheerleader, being their go-to person, being their best friend.”

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Mum-of-one praised for easy tip to make sure kids don’t get lost in busy places

FAMILY days out are upon us - as the summer holidays creeps closer and closer.

And one mum has been praised for her genius hack to make sure she doesn't lose her son in a busy corwd.

2Kia, a mum-of-one shared her simple solution to make sure your kid doesn't get lost in crowded placesCredit:

Kia Baker, a mum-of-one from the UK, shared the hack on TikTok, where it went viral with over 450k views.

She used an Apple AirTag and a keyring to make sure she can always find her son if the worst happens and she does lose him.

She demonstrated how while she was on a family day out in Gulliver's World.

She said: "If you're worried about losing your little one in a crowded or busy place like this, I have the number one tip for you."

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She explained that she connected the AirTag to her phone so that she could track its location.

Then using a keyring to hold it in, she puts it the label of her son's shirt.

By attaching it to the back of his shirt it means it has a low risk of coming undone and dropping.

"This way I know that even if he wonders off a little bit, I know that i can track him to a foot of where he is."

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Many mums praised the hack under the comment section of the video, but others claimed it didn't work very well.

One wrote: "This is such a good idea!"

"That’s really clever to keep it hidden like that too not on a loose object like a bag that could be dropped,2 another added.

A third commented: "I seriously need to invest in one! where did you get the casing for it?"

Others claimed it only worked if you were close enough to the device, "Not necessarily it’s only if there are iPhones nearby if there are no other iPhones nearby you will not be able to track if they are too far away," said one.

Another person added: "Great idea, but apple air tags work over Bluetooth meaning you need to be within 10 meters of the device. You need glasses not an air tag"

2Many viewers thought the hack was genius for family days outCredit:

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