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JUST when you thought you’d heard every last trick in the book to keep your wardrobe smelling fresh and clean - along came this hack.

A cleaning influencer, whose TikTok account @jusivince_cleaning has over 200,000 followers, has revealed how she uses sanitary towels and perfume to achieve long-lasting results.


3A cleaning fan has revealed her bizarre technique to keeping her closet smelling freshCredit: Getty

The bizarre but brilliant technique sees the cleaning fan spritzing a perfume of her choice onto two sanitary towels.

She then uses the sticky backs to place them in and around her closet, including on the top and the sides. 

Once all stuck down securely, you’re good to go and will have a fresh smelling wardrobe for weeks to come. 

Explaining why she swears by it, the cleanfluencer said it “smells so good” as others said it also saved money on buying fragrance sheets. 

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She explained: “Some of you are asking if it works. The answer is yes. For how long? It depends on the perfume used.

“[My one] Zwitsal fades very quickly so I have to do this almost weekly. When I use the essential oils of laundry parfum, it smells good for weeks.” 

Shedding further light on the method, @jusivince_cleaning told her followers that you have to remember to stick the sanitary towels in “softly” so that they don’t ruin the inside of your closet.

She explained: “Someone said it damaged her closet, stick it softly. I hope it works for you too.” 

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The TikTok star also added that a further tip she’d picked up was to add vaseline to the sanitary towels first.

A few days after posting her original video, she said: “Put some vaseline on it. I just learnt it here, it works better. You can also use essential oils.” 

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And her fans have been going wild for the hack, rushing to try it out for themselves.

One said: “This is great. I’m doing this.” While another added: “This is a great idea. I’m so going to try it.”

3Spray your fragrance of choice onto several sanitary towelsCredit: @jusivince_cleaning/Tiktok 3Once you're done, simply stick the pads around your closet and enjoy the results for weeks to comeCredit: @jusivince_cleaning/Tiktok

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I’m a kitchen expert – 7 easy tips to keep flies out of your kitchen this summer, including a 80p hack

AS much as we love the warmer weather, summer brings another, less welcome, guest in our homes - flies.

The UK is set to experience a dazzling 26C degree heatwave this week, which will also attract flies in your kitchen - particularly those keen on some sweet fruit juices.

2Warmer weather also means the dreaded return of kitchen fliesCredit: Getty

Luckily, an expert has shared a list of easy and inexpensive ways to tackle this issue, including an 80p hack using apple cider vinegar.

“The heat causes an increase in flies and means that house flies are more likely to multiply in hot weather,'' said Polly Shearer, kitchen expert at Tap Warehouse.

''This could see tens of thousands of flies buzzing around kitchens in the UK. 

“We recommend our preventative measures to stop flies and insects breeding in your kitchen this summer.” 

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Refreshing mint, zesty lemongrass and relaxing lavender - the scents humans love so much, turns out, are hated by flies.

The whizz said you can create your own natural fly deterrent spray by adding a few drops of any of these oils to water in a spray bottle.

''We recommend lavender so the spray will also leave your kitchen smelling fresh.''

For this, simply spray the remedy around your kitchen throughout the day and it should deter flies from entering.

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From gardening to beauty, it seems like baking soda has become the go-to in almost all aspects of life.

And turns out, this kitchen staple is also a great solution for banishing flies.

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Polly explained: ''Whatever you put in your bin will rot, however, this process speeds up during the summer months due to warmer weather.

''This will attract flies, insects and maggots, so it’s important to clean and empty your bin more frequently during summer.''

To avoid this problem, a great hack is to sprinkle the powder at the bottom of your bin before putting in a new bin bag.

''The baking soda should absorb any smells and liquids that leak out of the bag.''


As well as the sweet sugar, fruit flies are also attracted to the carbon dioxide found in fizzy drinks.

If these are left out, the kitchen flies might begin to gather around the area - especially if there are spillages.

''Be sure to wipe any spillages and clean the bottles to prevent fruit flies from being attracted to them.

''You can also store your fizzy drinks in the fridge to keep fruit flies away from them.''


If you often find your kitchen full of fruit flies, fear not, as there is a cheap solution - one that's most likely already sitting around.

This effective remedy is apple cider vinegar.

Simply fill half a glass with it and cover it will cling film before poking small holes into it.

''This should attract the fruit flies to enter the glass and you can then let them free outside of your home.

''It’s also important to store your fruit in the fridge to prevent flies from returning.''

2There are a few scents flies dislike - amongst these is basilCredit: Getty


With the weather being so nice, it's hard to find motivation to do the dishes - we're guilty of this too!

But according to the expert, leaving a pile of dirty dishes by the sink will attract flies.

''We recommend washing your dishes in the summer as soon as possible in order to prevent flies from contaminating your dishes with bacteria and even laying eggs on them.''


Similarly, flies will also be attracted to leftover food - especially if it's still warm.

To prevent them from gathering around your lunch and dinner, as well as laying their eggs in your dishes, place the leftover food in a bag or a tub that can be fully sealed.

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Another scent flies and mosquitoes are known to not be the biggest fans of is basil - which makes it a great kitchen plant option.

''Not only will it stop flies, it's also great to use in plenty of recipes!''

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