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DO you ever order something from Deliveroo and get frustrated when it arrives on the cold side?

A chef has put classic takeaway orders to the test, to reveal which stays hotter for longer when you order from the popular app.

6Channel 5’s Deliveroo: How Do They Do It?, airing on Sunday, lifts the lid on the delivery serviceCredit: Alamy 6Chef Ben Cooper did a temperature test on food to see which dropped the most in temperature after 10 minutes on a bikeCredit: Channel 5

On Channel 5’s Deliveroo: How Do They Do It?, which is airing on Sunday, Ben Cooper, a chef who prepares food for delivery, revealed what you SHOULD be ordering.

He said: “A chef wants to get everything bang on, so when it does arrive in their front room it’s almost as perfect as it is going in the restaurant.

“Certain foods lend themselves really well to that and they will stay hot for the transit, and the other ones will just not turn out as well.”

So what takeaway is the best?

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Ben took the temperature of the cooked burgers, fries, pizza, fried chicken and a curry when it was prepared, and then packed it up.

It was then put on the back of a delivery bike for a typical 10 minutes of delivery time to see which dropped the most temperature.

First up was the burger, which was 10C less after the delivery transit.

Ben said: “Burgers are tricky, there are so many layers to them, the patty, the cheese, the bacon, the tomato, the lettuce, the sauce, the toasted bun, all can go wrong.”

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Fries were next and they didn’t do well at all - dropping a staggering 24C.

Ben added: “The skinny ones tend to cool down because of surface area, so chefs and restaurants are probably going to make dirty fries with chunkier chips so they stay warmer for longer.

“The cheese can act like a blanket keeping everything together and warm so when everything arrives it’s hot, it’s delicious.”

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But even with a blanket, cheese dropped 18C.

And it was the worst news for pizza, which had the greatest drop of 27C.

Ben said: “I think the base is key, a thin, crispy sourdough which is all trendy now, may lose more heat.”

However, fried chicken lovers are in luck, as this dish fared the best in the test and only dropped 9C.

Ben said: “It’s got that crispy buttery jacket keeping the chicken warm for delivery.”

The popular Indian curry was also tested, and lost 20C.

  • Burger - 10C less
  • Chips - 24C less
  • Pizza - 27C less
  • Fried chicken - 9C less
  • Indian curry - 20C less
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The chef said you should look for food covered in a “blanket” or cheese and sauce if you want a hot dish. 

He concluded: “Hands down if it’s covered in sauce I think that’s the way to go for a takeaway.”

Deliveroo: How Do They Really Do It?  airs on Channel 5 on Sunday at 8pm

6Ben, a chef who prepares food for delivery, revealed what you SHOULD be orderingCredit: Channel 5 6Ben found pizzas had the greatest drop of 27CCredit: Getty 6Fries also didn't do well in the temperature test and fell by 24C 6Fried chicken did the best in the temperature test and only fell by 9CCredit: Getty

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I work at Domino’s – you’re reheating your pizza wrong & here’s why there’s always 32 slices of pepperoni on a pizza

IF you’ve ever ordered a takeaway pizza before, you’ll know that Domino’s is always a winner.

And if you want to know some insider secrets and tips and tricks for getting a delicious pizza, you’ve come to the right place.

2Hollie Watson, Product Development Assistant Manager at Domino’s is here to spill the insider secrets, as well as her top tips for the perfect pizzaCredit: Dominos

We’ve spoken to Hollie Watson, 26, Product Development Assistant Manager at Domino’s, for the ultimate low down on working at Domino’s and how to get the best tasting pizza, as well as some interesting facts about the brand. 

According to Hollie, we’ve been reheating our pizza all wrong, you should never throw away any leftover Garlic & Herb dip and pineapple definitely should go on all pizzas, not just Hawaiian. 

But not just that, Hollie told us why there’s always 32 slices of pepperoni on a pizza and revealed all about Domino’s ingredients.

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Firstly, if you never manage to finish off a pizza and like to save some for the next day, Hollie tells us the best method for reheating.

According to Hollie, microwaves are strictly off limits and instead, you need an oven and some olive oil.

To get the best, next day pizza, Hollie told Fabulous: “What we would recommend is to put it in your oven, at 170c for a fan oven. 

“Drizzle a little bit of olive oil over the top of your pizza, put it in for 10-15 minutes and you’ll have a great pizza.

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“The olive oil will help it taste similar to how you had it the night before - it will crisp up the edges but you will still get the moist, cheesiness that you want. 

“When you do it in the microwave, you are getting so much moisture in, that your dough is going to be soggy. And that’s sad. You’ve spent all that money on a Domino’s, do not put it in the microwave.

“I would recommend using olive oil because of the flavour, and this will mean you get a nice, crispy dough, but you could use any oil.”

Don’t throw away the dip

If you’re a fan of the Domino’s Garlic and Herb dip, we’ve got some hacks for you. 

The Garlic and Herb dip has many of us hooked, but it turns out that if (and we mean, if), you have any leftover, you shouldn’t be throwing it away.

Instead, you should save it and have it with your dinner the next day.

According to Hollie: “Firstly, who has dip left over?! Everyone needs a giant Garlic and Herb dip, that’s an essential.

“I literally put the dip on everything. Dip chips in the garlic dip the next day, it’s perfect.

“If you’ve got broccoli, it’s delicious with the dip.

“We have a lot of people who will come into the test kitchen to get a pot of dip, to drizzle on their salads at lunchtime. It takes your salad to the next level. 

“If you’ve got a sad little salad for your lunch, it’s a great edition to jazz it up a little bit.

“You can also add it into potato salad or a pasta salad dish.

“Add it into anything cold or put it with any dinner and it will make it better.

“It’s a good substitute for anything where you may have had a mayo.

“Potatoes go really well with it or if you’ve got some nice root veggies.” 

Hacks for the perfect pizza 

If you are a Domino’s fan, it’s likely that you will have a pizza that you regularly order. 

However, Hollie has given us the low-down on the ultimate flavoursome combo and  which toppings to combine for the perfect pizza.

Hollie said: “We’ve bought half and half back in lots of our stores - this is a great way to try new pizzas, if you don’t want to fully commit to a full-size new pizza that you’re not sure on.

“As the product development team, our favourite thing to do is to get an American Hot pizza and to add pineapple to it. 

“That is simply because, firstly, we love pineapple, but because you add that sweetness in, you are cutting through that salty, fatiness of the pepperoni and the sourness of the jalapenos so it works really, really well. There’s nothing like it. 

“The team loves pineapple on pizza. I add pineapple to everything. 

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“I personally love a really loaded pizza with lots of toppings on. We say a maximum of 9 toppings, that is plenty.. You don’t need to add the whole kitchen sink to it, otherwise it will turn into a mess.

“Drizzles can elevate any pizza. We’ve got a new pesto drizzle at the moment and people are adding it to everything. Especially on veg or anything with chicken. 

“A bit of pesto drizzle on top of a Chicken Feast, that’s a good one. It definitely elevates the flavour because you get that drizzle that covers your entire pizza.”

The famous spoodle

If you want to know some insider hacks, Hollie is here to reveal all.

Hollie opened up on Domino’s secret sauce recipe and told us all about the special spoodle.

She explained: “The spoodle was invented in 1985 but a guy called Jeff Goddard - he was a Domino’s franchisee and they used to use a spoon to spread sauce on the pizza.

“He discovered that a better way to do this would be to have inbetween a ladle and a spoon, that you could put the sauce in the top, tip it over and then go round and round, to cover your pizza in sauce.

“A large pizza has a heaped spoonful of sauce, a medium pizza is a level spoodle and then a small pizza is just under level.

“It’s a way of measuring to make it consistent so that every pizza is the same and it’s also really quick to dispense sauce.

“For our sauce, our tomatoes are plum tomatoes and they come from Portugal. 

“They are grown horizontally which means they all ripen at the same stage so the farmers can pick them all at the same point.

“Then they are taken to the factory and within six hours of them being harvest, they are then chopped, pulped and made into sauce. 

“It’s then mixed up in the factory with special pizza sauce seasoning, with oregano, basil, garlic, lots of different herbs and spices. And that's how we get a really fresh, great tomato sauce.”

It’s all about pepperoni

You can’t go wrong with a Pepperoni pizza, right?

Well, you’ll be shocked to know just how quickly it takes Domino’s staff to make one and there’s also a reason why there’s always the same amount of pepperoni on every single pizza.

Hollie added: “An entire Pepperoni Passion can be made in under 30 seconds - that’s then stretching the dough out to the pizza size, adding the sauce, adding the cheese and adding the pepperoni. 

“It’s six minutes through our ovens and it takes 10 seconds to cut it. 

“There’s always 32 pieces of Pepperoni on a Pepperoni Passion, to ensure quality across all our pizzas. 

“You could have a Pepperoni Passion in a Domino’s in Cornwall and it should look identical to one in Newcastle. It’s all about quality and that our consumer expects the same thing from every store.” 

2Hawaiian pizza with ham and pineapple cut into slices, cheese pullCredit: Getty

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