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I JUST went on a holiday to the beach AND the mountains – without leaving my house.

Turns out that going on vacation in the metaverse has its perks.

7I took a trip to a virtual beach – you can even do a quick workoutCredit: Meta / Owlchemy Labs 7Frolicking in the sea is surprisingly dry in the metaverseCredit: Meta / Owlchemy Labs 7This is what you'll look like when you wear a $299/£299 Meta Quest 2 headsetCredit: Meta

For a start, I didn’t need to pack, find my passport or rush to an airport.

I simply donned the Meta Quest 2 – Mark Zuckerberg’s increasingly popular virtual reality metaverse headset.

After a few minutes, I had installed and loaded up a VR app called Vacation Simulator.

It's a sequel to the immensely popular (and surprisingly hilarious) Job Simulator.

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The premise is that we're in a future world where robots have replaced human jobs.

So you can use the Job Simulator to experience what it was once like to work – in an office, or as a mechanic, or in a car.

Vacation Simulator is the obvious follow-on: experience how humans of the past (i.e. today) would spend their time when "not jobbing”.

My holiday began at a hotel, where I was greeted by a floating robot who helped me get oriented.

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She guided me into the bathroom, where I was able to sort my hair out, trim the old beard, and give myself a bleach-blonde dye job. Lovely stuff.

And then just like on proper hols, I went straight for the hotel bed for a lie down.

The bed was very spacious and comfortable – probably because in reality, I was flat on the floor on my living room rug.

My virtual room had a basketball in it, so I stood up again to shoot some hoops. The physics are spot-on (so I was understandably rubbish) but I did manage to get a few in.

Fatigued by my meters sportsmanship, I grabbed a virtual juice from my e-fridge.

It didn’t taste of much (or rather, of anything), but the glugging noises from the headset were oddly quenching.

Playing games

Next I popped over to the TV, put a cartridge in a console, grabbed a virtual joystick and began playing a text adventure game about going on holiday.

The irony was not lost on me.

I also tried another cartridge that loaded a Mario-style side-scrolling platformer.

For a brief moment while playing on the virtual TV, I actually forgot none of this was real.

Anyway, it was good fun – so who cares?

It was at this point that I realised I hadn’t actually left the hotel room. Whoops!

So I went outside to the beach, where I lay on the sand for a bit and read a book about coconuts.

I popped into the sea for a quick dip, and even dunked my head.

The audio changed and I felt immersed in the underwater world. I even grabbed a shell as a souvenir.

It’s still in my virtual backpack, waiting for me in Zuckerberg’s digital realm.

I grabbed a sun hat from the beach store because I’m not entirely convinced I can’t sunburn in virtual reality.

And then I decided it was time for a change of scenery.

The fun never stops...until it does

Next stop was Vacation Island’s mountain resort.

It was a lot colder, so I didn’t plan on hanging around for long – but I did manage to find a hot tub.

I’m told by a robot that I can experience the stunning overlook once I “collect more memories” – the game’s currency – to unlock the area.

Alas I didn’t fancy working on my vacation, so I went back to the hotel and decided that was enough holidaying for one day.

I was surprised by how much fun my virtual holiday was.

And there’s so much more to do in this strange meta-world that I’m itching to go back.

The big advantage is that my virtual vacation was significantly cheaper than a real one.

And it’s a quick way to get a taste of a holiday if you don’t have one on the horizon.

But really, all my virtual vacation did was make me desperately want a real one even more.

Maybe the metaverse won’t replace reality after all.

You can buy Vacation Simulator through the Meta / Oculus Store for £22.99 / $29.99.

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7You can don an eye-mask for a quick kip in your virtual hotel's meta-bedCredit: Meta / Owlchemy Labs 7Use your real hands to interact with virtual objectsCredit: Meta / Owlchemy Labs 7The virtual hot tub isn't as toasty as it looksCredit: Meta / Owlchemy Labs 7The robots in Vacation Simulator are surprisingly charismatic – but they're not my ideal holiday companionsCredit: Meta / Owlchemy Labs
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Teen who tracks Elon Musk’s $70million private jet reveals secret to finding plane Mark Zuckerberg was ‘trying to hide’

THE teen who tracks Elon Musk's $70million private jet has revealed his secret to uncovering his latest "jackpot" in Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg's plane.

Tech-savvy teen Jack Sweeney claims he has seemingly bypassed Meta's reported $26.8million security expenses on their CEO, revealing to The US Sun how he pinned Zuckerberg's private jet.

2The tech-savvy teen who tracks Elon Musk's $70million private jet said he's located Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg's bird in ItalyCredit: AFP

Well jackpot @ZuccJet should be completely accurate now. We’ve found Mark Zuckerberg’s jet N68885. Numerous trips point it being his.

— Jack Sweeney (@JxckSweeney) May 18, 2022

In February, Sweeney, 19, began tracking and sharing updates on what he said was Zuckerberg's private jet and created the Twitter profile ZuccJet.

Sweeney told The US Sun that for some time, he was tracking a plane that he believed belonged to Zuckerberg; however, he later learned that the jet was no longer his.

"I tracked what we thought to be his for a while, so it’s nothing new, but then we found out the one we had wasn’t his anymore," the teen exclusively told The US Sun.

"But recently, some publications came out of him being on it for his recent trip. And checking flight history, it went to Italy when he was in Italy it lines up to be his."

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Sweeney claims the tech billionaire's jet is "trying to hide" by being registered in Wyoming as a "trust".

"No official docs, but it’s registered in WY as a trust, so trying to hide. Came out of him being on a new jet," the teen said.

The 19-year-old said the Meta head honcho is just one billionaire people have an interest in and joked that his tracking tool is a way of "getting back" at Zuckerberg and Facebook for alleged spying on their users.

"I mean, he’s just one of them [billionaires] that people have interest in. I do think it’s funny, though, that a lot of people are like, 'Facebook tracks us' now this teen is getting back at him," Sweeney told The US Sun.

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The tech-savvy teen made headlights in late January after Protocol reported that Tesla CEO Musk sent Sweeney a DM asking for him to take down his controversial Twitter account Elon Musk's Jet, branding it a "security risk".

Musk was not impressed when he found out the teen had developed a Twitter bot to keep track of his private jet's movements.

Musk was scared some "nutcase" might shoot out of the skies.

“Can you take this down? It is a security risk," the tech tycoon apparently pleaded.

Sweeney responded: "Yes I can but it’ll cost you a Model 3 only joking unless?"

After a few messages back and forth, Musk asked how much Sweeney made running the account.

When he revealed it earned him no more than $20 a month, the world's richest man made a measly offer of $5,000 to delete the account.

The teen pushed for more, demanding an extra zero on the end.

"Any chance to up that to $50k?" he said.

"It would be great support in college and would possibly allow me to get a car maybe even a Model 3."

Musk hit back that he'd think about it, but Sweeney never heard back from the Space X owner.

2Jack Sweeney has Twitter accounts tracking Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos' million dollar private jetsCredit: Getty SWEENEY'S SPYING DAYS NUMBERED?

After Musk's groundbreaking Twitter purchase in April, Sweeney told The US Sun that he worried he'd get shut down - but had no regrets about rejecting the billionaire's initial $5,000 buyout.

When asked how he feels about Musk's Twitter takeover, the teen told The Sun he's "a little worried, but not a whole lot considering his free speech comments."

Before buying the social media platform, Musk said he hoped even his "worst critics remain on Twitter, because that is what free speech means."

Sweeney looked at the tech tycoon's tweet as a sign of hope for his jet tracking account.

"His recent tweet seems to make it seem id stay, but if he considers
@ElonJet a security risk rather than a critic, then I'm probably gone," the teen tweeted.

However, if he's eventually kicked out of Twitter, Sweeney said he'll take his tracking talents to other social media platforms like Discord and will soon be publishing a Telegram channel for Elon Jet.

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"I'll blow up the story of how he's pretty much being fake, and his true motive behind the takeover. And ill continue on other platforms," Sweeney told The US Sun.

Elon Musk's Jet is one of several accounts run by Sweeney, keeping tabs on high-flyers including Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, using publicly available data of all flights in the air.

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