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The View co-host Sunny Hostin blamed the nationwide baby formula shortage on the absence of federal paid maternity leave.

Hostin said:

I think the fault lies in the fact that we have terrible maternity leave because a lot of women would love to be able to stay home and breastfeed their children and take care of their children, and the fact of the matter is we can’t do that because we have very limited maternity leave, and we have to immediately go back to work to take care of our families and feed our families, and the government doesn’t support us in that, and I think that’s where the problem is.

I worked for the government and right after I had my son, I had to borrow leave from other federal prosecutors so that I could stay home a little while longer, and I had just had a c-section. It was absolutely ridiculous. It hasn’t changed 20 years later.

With all due respect to Hostin, that take has a shortage of facts.

The massive lack of baby formula – which by the way liberal Twitter was denying was even a problem until they realized it couldn’t be hidden – is a supply chain issue, exacerbated by the recall of formula from one of the country’s major providers.

Hostin is blaming high demand for short supply, but the entire purpose of an efficient supply chain is to handle high demand. This is a big country. There are many babies.

Even if federal paid maternity leave were enacted with a sufficient timeline for birthing and new mothers, it wouldn’t solve the baby formula shortage or prevent future ones. The Biden administration could allow for the importation of baby formula from abroad that qualify under FDA standards if they wanted to really address the current lack of supply. They could even invoke the Defense Production Act to speed up production of baby formula inside the United States.

The View isn’t a major source of policy prescriptions, certainly. But Hostin’s commentary attempting to blame this major problem that literally affects women and children the most on some political campaign talking point is just blatant partisanship. It’s so off the mark it’s almost disinformation.

Watch above, via ABC.

This is an opinion piece. The views expressed in this article are those of just the author.

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Seth Meyers blames Tucker Carlson for inspiring Buffalo massacre — but Megyn Kelly issues blistering rebuke over politicizing the tragedy

Meyers zeroed in on those remarks during the segment, saying, “First of all, a college football stadium can fit like 100,000 people, which is a ton of people! If I told you, ‘Don’t worry, I rounded up all the white supremacists' and walked you into here, I don’t think your reaction would be, ‘Phew!’”

He added that Carlson has "openly and repeatedly promoted replacement theory on his show.”

“No one is being replaced. There’s no capacity limit here," he said. "It’s not like there’s a bouncer who only lets two in when two leave. Just think about how breathtakingly dumb the logic here is. No one gets replaced when another person enters the country.”

The Right's Embrace of Racist Replacement Theory Is Both Dangerous and Dumb: A Closer Look

What else?

During Monday's episode of "The Megyn Kelly Show," Kelly said that those people trying to politicize the shooting are contributing to division.

“We will not be naming the shooter on this program, consistent with our policy of not naming mass shooters, who in part are out for infamy, and we decline to help," she said during the broadcast. "He’s pleaded not guilty, but he also left behind a trove of information, including a 180-page manifesto filled with racist and anti-Semitic commentary. The shooter was white. Detailing how and why he picked his target.”

She added that media talking heads who tried to blame Carlson and other conservatives for the shooting are "outrageous."

“Some in the media have been quick to point fingers and even place blame on our friend and very popular Fox News host, Tucker Carlson," she pointed out. "It’s outrageous. It’s wrong, both factually and morally."

Becoming further outraged, Kelly added, "Why do we have to go to that place immediately on these stories? Why can’t we spend two f***ing minutes mourning the people who are dead and trying to understand that we have insane people in this country? We have lunatics. It’s a huge country!”

Kelly pointed out that there's no way to eradicate the "lunatics" from the country, and attempting to politicize such a horrific tragedy will only further divide Americans.

"People have to inject their politics into everything. And this guy had a racist manifesto. There’s no question that doesn’t make it Tucker Carlson’s fault," she insisted. "Just stop it. Just stop it!”

(Content warning: Rough language):

"It's OUTRAGEOUS!" Megyn Kelly on the Gross Rush to Politicize Horrific Buffalo Mass Shooting

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