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NOTHING worse than making sure every part of your kitchen is tidy before realizing that you still have to deal with streaky cabinets.

Professional cleaner Vanesa Amaro has posted a video revealing how she easily cleans her cabinets.

4One cleaning professional shared how to easily clean streaky cabinetsCredit: TikTok/vanesamaro91 4You will need two rags and a cleaning product of your choiceCredit: TikTok/vanesamaro91

According to Amaro, cabinets get streaky if they're greasy or if they've been cleaned with a very wet rag.

Unfortunately, due to their close proximity to the stove, it is very common for kitchen cabinets to see grease build-up.

In order to make them look brand new, Amaro said to try her "two-towel" method.

All you will need for her quick cleaning process is two towels and a spray cleaner of your choice.

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"One towel will be completely dry and the other towel is going to be damp," she said.

First, she sprayed down her cabinets using her desired cleaning product.

Using the damp towel first, she then wiped down all of her streaky cabinets.

After that's completed, she switched and wiped down the cabinets using the dry towel.

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Her method takes just seconds to complete, and after wiping them clean with a dry towel, her cabinets were completely streak-free.

For extra greasy cabinets, she suggested using a degreaser like Dawn Heavy Duty Degreaser.

Many viewers loved her cleaning method, saying: "Thanks for this!!" and "Perfection."

"Amazing work."

4Wipe cabinets with the damp towel then follow up with the dry oneCredit: TikTok/vanesamaro91 4Cabinets will be streak-free after using the 'two-towel' methodCredit: Getty We pay for your stories!

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I’m a cleaning expert, everyone forgets to clean this part of their washing machine but my tweezer hack makes it easy

IT’S the device we use to get all of our clothes fresh again - but how clean is your actual washing machine? 

A cleaning fan, who goes by the name of @theamatueurcleaner on TikTok, has urged people to clean inside their washing machines, including the often forgotten door. 

3A cleaning expert has shared a handy tip to help make sure you washing machine is in tip top conditionCredit: Alamy

Posting on TikTok, the cleanfluencer showed a step-by-step guide to making sure your washing machine is in tip top condition, as they lifted the lid on the hidden dirt behind the door.

Explaining how to clean around the appliance’s door, they use a variety of powerful products and finish it off with some tweezers, which reach the stubborn areas of grime. 

First, they pull back the rubber and use an all-purpose cleaner and spray it liberally around the area, before wiping it with a brush.

Then, they use a dry cloth to soak up the excess liquid and foam so that it’s looking good as new. 

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After the area is thoroughly dried, it’s time to reach for the tweezers and pluck out the remaining areas of dirt that have gathered inside and underneath the door. 

But the cleanfluencer isn’t the only one to have noticed the problem area, as their followers also commented on their own experiences. 

One wrote: “These front load washers are the worst ever. They mould and mildew over time no matter how hard you clean.”

Meanwhile, someone else was reminded of the importance of checking their own appliance, as they simply commented: “Nasty.”


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Since, the cleaning fan has posted another video - but this time focusing on cleaning a dryer door.

Again, they tackle the area with some washing up liquid in a sponge, and then use a dry cloth to mop up the excess. 

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@theamatueurcleaner has also covered other hot cleaning topics, ranging from the best way to clean out your fridge to getting your cupboards organised.  

Other standout videos include using the Pink Stuff to clean cooking hobs and the inside of an oven.

3People often forget to clean the inside of the door of their washing machineCredit: 3Using tweezers can help reach the stubborn dirt that has become lodged in the applianceCredit:

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