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MOUNT PLEASANT, Mich. (AP) — Dozens of prospective Central Michigan University students who were mistakenly told they had won full-ride scholarships that include room and board have received an apology from the school — and offers of the equivalent of full-tuition scholarships “to make it right.”

School officials said 58 youths received messages last weekend while accessing the university portal telling them they had won a Centralis Scholars Award, which includes full tuition, room and board, money toward books and supplies, and a $5,000 “study away award.

But the university said Wednesday that those contacted hadn’t won the prestigious award and the message had gone out “inadvertently” as school staffers were testing new messaging technology.

Parker Christensen, a 17-year-old senior at Newaygo High School, said he was so excited to have won the scholarship he told his friends and family, and his mother posted about it on social media.

But his joy evaporated when he learned the message was a mistake.

“Colleges are supposed to make your dreams come true not destroy them or make you second guess if they are achievable,” Christensen told Central Michigan Life, CMU’s student newspaper.

University officials apologized for the error Wednesday night, and offered all 58 prospective students the equivalent of a full-tuition scholarship.

“We deeply regret the disappointment and frustration caused by the test message error in the student portal,” CMU spokesman Aaron Mills said in a statement. “To make it right, we will be reaching out to each of the 58 students who saw the congratulatory message regarding the Centralis Scholarship and offering … the equivalent of a full-tuition scholarship.”

It is not clear how much more money that means for the affected prospective students, but tuition for U.S. residents at CMU is estimated to be about $12,750 a year.

The Centralis Scholars Award is considered the premier merit scholarship CMU offers, according to the school’s website. The scholarships are awarded to high school seniors and only students who have a minimum 3.7 GPA and have already been admitted to the university are eligible.

In addition to full tuition, room and board and the award’s other benefits, students who get the scholarship can also take part in special honors classes.

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Most valuable coins with a doubled die error worth up to $2,489 – including Lincoln pennies and Washington quarters

YOUR spare change might be worth a lot more than you realize - especially if you find coins containing errors.

Coin errors come in many varieties, and occur when something goes wrong during the minting process.

7Some coins featuring a doubled die error sell for thousands of dollars

Some coins are missing markings, misaligned, or were stamped with the wrong die entirely.

Many of the most popular and sought-after error coins are doubled dies.

Coin dies - the metal pieces used to imprint emblems on coins - typically strike coins multiple times to ingrain the image or text.

Because of misaligned die strikes, the letters, numbers, and images on some coins look as if they were stamped on twice in slightly different spots.

READ MORE ON RARE COINSBUSTED DIME Rare circulated dime sells for $3,355 - do you have one in your spare change?PENNY VALUE Top 10 most valuable pennies including Lincoln coins worth up to $2.6million

Doubled die coins are either classified as obverse or reverse, if the doubling appears on the heads or tails side, respectively.

Below are the most valuable doubled die error coins ever circulated, and how you can differentiate them from typical change.

As they're circulated, it means they could appear in your spare change.

Most read in MoneyCASH IN Workers can get $1,000 free cash — do you work enough hours to get it?BIG MONEY Americans should expect HUGE boost in 2023 — how much will you get?MONEY MONEY Americans to get $500 per month for a year — when cash will be availableCASH IN Families can claim $3,600 per kid in advance tax credits - check if you're eligible 1. 1955 Lincoln obverse penny - $2,489 7The doubling errors on the 1955 Lincoln obverse coins are clear

The 1955 Lincoln doubled die obverse is one of the most valuable and notorious coins created in the US.

On the face side, "Liberty," "In God We Trust," and the mint year are all very clearly doubled, so 1955 obverse coins are easy to spot.

One coin graded AU-58 - the second-highest grade a circulated coin can receive - sold at auction for $2,115, according to the Professional Coin Grading Service.

USA Coin Book says that circulated 1955 obverse coins sell for at least $784, and up to $2,489.

In an uncirculated state, these coins can sell for up to $17,057.

2. 1901 Morgan reverse silver dollar - $2,141 7This silver dollar carries signs of doubling around the eagle

Morgan silver dollars are one of the few coins that retain significant value even without errors.

In March, The Sun covered a non-error silver dollar that sold for $371 on eBay.

These dollar coins had a short history, as they were only minted for circulation from 1878 to 1904.

This variation of the 1901 silver dollar is known as the "Shifted Eagle," because of the doubling on the coin's reverse side.

The bird is shifted slightly upward, so you can see clear signs of doubling around its talons and feather skirt.

"In God We Trust" is doubled as well.

USA Coin Book prices circulated 1901 silver dollars between $318 and $2,141 and up to $5,133 in uncirculated condition.

Earlier this year, 1901 Shifted Eagle coins were sold on eBay for $1,950 and $1,632.

3. 1867 two-cent obverse coin - $1,955 7Two-cent pieces were in circulation in the US for less than a decade

Introduced in 1864, two-cent coins were short-lived in American history.

As other small coins like the nickel became more popular, the mintage of the two-cent piece declined until it ended in 1872.

The 1867 obverse is the only known doubled two-cent coin, making it particularly unique and valuable for numismatists.

The doubling on this coin is most notable on and around the ribbon carrying the words "In God We Trust".

Some of the letters are clearly doubled, while the banner itself is misaligned too.

Only a few hundred of these coins still exist, and they're still worth about $100 in poor condition.

One 1867 doubled die graded AU58 sold for $1,955 at an auction in 2012, and some uncirculated variants have sold for more than $4,000, according to PCGS.

On eBay, one of these rare pieces was sold for $1,465 in April.

4. 1917 Lincoln obverse wheat cent - $1,812 7Although the 1955 doubled die penny is more well-known, the 1917 version is still a prized collector's piece

One of the rarest error coins, PCGS estimates just 40 doubled die 1917 pennies have survived since the coin was produced 105 years ago.

The doubling on this coin is most clear in the word "Trust," but the mint year is doubled as well.

In about uncirculated condition, 1917 doubled die pennies can sell for $1,812, and have a floor around $250.

Uncirculated 1917 pennies are upwards of 10 times more valuable, however.

One uncirculated doubled die sold for just shy of $15,000 in 2010, according to PCGS.

More recently, an ungraded circulated 1917 doubled die was sold on eBay for $1,602.

5. 1943 Washington obverse quarter - $560 7The doubling on this quarter is not as obvious as others, but the quarter is still valued by collectors

More than 99million quarters were minted in Philadelphia in 1943, but a few hundred were produced with doubled die errors.

The obverse side doubling is the most obvious around "In God We Trust," which looks clearly raised.

Unlike the Lincoln doubled die obverse, which is more obviously misaligned, the text on the 1943 Washington coin looks somewhat bolded.

Quarters from 1943 with a doubled die error can sell for anywhere from $109 to $560, according to USA Coin Book.

In uncirculated conditions, the coin can be worth as much as $6,689.

Some 1943 Washington quarters minted in San Fransisco were also doubled, but those versions are slightly more common and less valuable than the Philadelphia doubled die.

You can tell the difference between the Philadelphia and San Francisco versions by looking for a mintmark on the reverse side.

Quarters minted in Philly in 1943 won't have any mintmark, while San Fran coins will bear an S.

6. 1939 Doubled Monticello Jefferson nickel - $336 7The reverse side of some 1939 nickels features text doubling

Thomas Jefferson, the third US president, has graced the standard five-cent coin since 1938.

Due to a misaligned strike on the reverse of some 1939 nickels, the words "Monticello" and "five cents" are visibly doubled.

The 1939 doubled Monticello is extremely rare in its own right - experts estimate 1,500 still exist - and among all five-cent pieces.

According to Jaime Hernandez of PCGS, the coin is one of just three major doubled die errors in the Jefferson nickel series.

PCGS has only certified a handful of AU58 doubled Monticello nickels, the most expensive of which sold for $336.

In February, a buyer on eBay spent $129 to purchase a doubled Monticello graded XF40.

Uncirculated variations of the coin can sell for upwards of $3,500.

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Before you go digging for a $2,000 coin, check out The Sun's guide to finding rare change.

And we compiled the most valuable coins featuring US presidents, including a $267,000 silver dollar featuring Dwight Eisenhower.

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