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There was a time when my kitchen was packed full of one-trick appliances. There was the air fryer that never crisped potatoes quite right, the pizza oven that never fully cooked the dough, and the once-used ice cream maker that was nowhere near Häagen-Dazs quality. My attempts to be an innovative, DIY home chef never made it far, as my homemade fare never resembled restaurant-quality cuisine.

Letting the experts do it for me was just fine, until a global pandemic forced me back into the kitchen. During the long months of 2020 and 2021, I became quite the home chef, making indulgent dishes I never would have attempted before, like tikka masala and cinnamon rolls, as well as more health-focused fare, like fruit smoothies and vegetable-forward entrées.

Appliances that once sat collecting dust in my kitchen were suddenly all the more appealing to me now that I was a chef in the kitchen again. All this newfound culinary interest got me thinking about what else I could add to my appliance collection that would actually serve a meaningful purpose.

I’ve long loved fresh-squeezed juices, but because these refreshing, healthy beverages are often very pricey at dining establishments, farmers' markets, and grocery stores, I typically forgo the splurge on them. But after reading about some success stories with the Hurom Slow Juicer brand, I thought I would give one a try to see if I could create my own fresh-squeezed juices for weekend brunches, after-work margaritas, and days where I’m trying to eat less heavy.

Huron Slow Juicer

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I’m not mechanical or engineer-minded in the least, so I was worried when I got the Hurom HP Slow Juicer that I wouldn’t be able to assemble or operate it without some help. Thankfully, there aren’t an insane number of parts to piece together to make the juicer go, and the assembly itself is somewhat intuitive, but I still read the directions to find out how the magic works.

The Hurom HP Slow Juicer is sleek and not too tall or wide for sitting on a countertop space. The juicer comes with a recipe booklet, and while it isn’t anything super fancy, it does inspire you to consider what produce you can transform into nutritious, vitamin-packed juices, like carrots, kale, spinach, and cucumber. I immediately grabbed a bag of navel oranges in my fridge, cut them up into pieces, fed the pulpy fruit into the juicer, and watched the Hurom slowly but surely produce an incredible amount of liquid from just four oranges. The other side of the machine discarded the waste—i.e. the smashed fruit—into a plastic container that was easy to toss in the trash.

The industrious machine is surprisingly quiet and spins very slowly, which in the end is what sets the Hurom HP Slow Juicer apart from competitors of its kind. Whereas other juicers I’ve used before are obnoxiously loud and spin fast but yield very little, Hurom presses every ounce out of its incoming fruits and vegetables. You can even make nut milks, like cashew milk and almond milk in it, but I haven’t tried this just yet. Cleaning the machine is a bit tedious, yes, but the juicer comes with two brushes that make cleaning up much more efficient, so no need to worry about any lingering pulp in the machine.

Though Hurom makes an array of advanced juicers, the HP Slow Juicer is the best for the home kitchen. It’s the smallest one in their lineup, but it does just as an efficient job as their more pricey ones. And while I’m forgoing any diet-driven resolutions in the New Year, I’m already excited about what juices I can make next after investing in some bulk pomegranates and apples.

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Mothers Turning To Social Media During Crisis Baby Formula Shortage: I Dont Have The Formula That I Need

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — As the baby formula shortage continues and shelves remain empty, parents are turning to potentially dangerous solutions. Now, the American Academy of Pediatrics has issued emergency guidance.

Baby Formula Shortage Resources Guide

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The formula shortage is especially challenging for low-income families and those with babies on restricted diets. Social media has become a valued resource for many. Doctors say that although the information might be helpful, some of the solutions are dangerous.

Delco Formula Finders is a Facebook group sharing information and pictures with updates on baby formula supplies.

“We’re actually at a crisis situation,” said Dr. Alanna Levine, a spokesperson with the American Academy of Pediatrics. “Parents need to find an FDA-approved formula that is appropriate for their child. I think we really have to balance adequate nutrition with safety right now.”

Relief is coming, however, as the FDA has OK’d the leading supplier to restart production, but it could take up to two months for that formula to hit store shelves.

“I don’t have the formula that I need,” said Heather Nicholas, mother of a 5-month-old, said, “so your mind doesn’t stop thinking about it, especially at night. I hate to say, I’ve lost a lot of sleep.”

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After hitting dead ends trying to find formula, Nicholas is among a group of moms turning to each other for help on social media.

Instead of formula, this group is sharing breast milk. Kaleigh Ayers has pumped extra that’s in a freezer.

“Putting myself into the shoes of those mothers is really what motivated me,’ Ayers, a mom to a 5-month-old, said. “I can’t imagine how scary that would be.”

The moms meet in person for the milk delivery.

Facebook is full of parents sharing breast milk. But the American Academy of Pediatrics doesn’t recommend this kind of unregulated sharing. Its spokesperson said, “the quality and safety of the milk cannot be assured.”

“You’re not going through the process of getting that breast milk screened for infectious diseases or getting screened for things like drugs,” Dr. Edith Bracho-Sanchez, a pediatrician, said. “You also don’t know how old that breast milk is. You don’t know what the process has been to keep it refrigerated.”

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Doctors are also advising parents not to make their own formula or dilute what they have, because it may not provide enough nutrition.

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